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How Do You Find a City of Charlotte Claims Adjuster?

October 1, 2020

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Hiring a city of Charlotte claims adjuster is an excellent choice for ensuring you receive as much money as possible from your insurance company after a loss. A public adjuster works for the public, or policyholders, rather than the insurance company, investigating losses and negotiating with the insurer on your behalf.

As with hiring any professional, it’s vital that you research your city of Charlotte claims adjuster options carefully, including their background and expertise. Hiring the wrong adjuster can mean missing out on some funds from your insurance company while hiring a pro you can trust and who works diligently for you ensures you receive the maximum payout possible! Check out some simple but vital tips for finding the best city of Charlotte claims adjuster for your claim.

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When to Hire a City of Charlotte Claims Adjuster

First note when you want to hire a city of Charlotte claims adjuster, as not all losses require their assistance. Generally, you might consider hiring a Charlotte public adjuster if you feel you’re being treated unfairly by your insurance agency, if you don’t understand your policy and why your agent is saying certain losses aren’t covered, and if your losses are significant, usually $50,000 or more.

One reason to consider these scenarios is that a public adjuster is typically paid around 10% to 15% of the total amount they secure for you. For smaller claims, that fee might cut into whatever added payout you receive from your insurer significantly.

As an example, suppose your vehicle is totaled and your insurance payout is $5000 rather than the $6000 you expected. If you hire a public adjuster and they negotiate with your agency for that $6000, they might receive $600 to $900 in fees; in turn, you receive only a few extra hundred dollars, and the time it took to hire them and have them negotiate for you might not be worth those few dollars.

On the other hand, if you’ve suffered a catastrophic loss and your insurance agency is offering perhaps half the value of that loss, or far less than the coverage offered in your policy, it’s probably time to hire a city of Charlotte claims adjuster! He or she can review the policy and your losses and then negotiate for a higher payout, making their fees a worthwhile investment.

Check the License of a City of Charlotte Claims Adjuster

Before calling a potential city of Charlotte claims adjuster, call the city of Charlotte licensing office and ensure an adjuster has a proper, up-to-date license. Start with the city’s website, CharlotteNC.gov, or the county’s website, MeckNC.gov, for current addresses and phone numbers you can call for such a check.

It’s also good to check the Better Business Bureau and online sites including Google Reviews, to note if there are any negative reviews or complaints regarding your prospective city of Charlotte claims adjuster. Sites like LinkedIn also allow people to leave recommendations for professionals, so check your prospective adjuster’s track record! Note, however, that the State of North Carolina requires public adjusters to go through a background check before obtaining their license, so you might not need to worry about trying to research their background as long as their license is current.

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Choose a Charlotte NC Public Claims Adjuster With Relevant Experience

When shopping around for a Charlotte NC public claims adjuster, you want to choose one with experience in your claim type and who, preferably, has worked with your insurance company in particular. While most public adjusters will work diligently in negotiating any claim, one with experience in house fires, for instance, will typically be more skilled at negotiating a larger payout for fire losses than one who has only handled personal injury claims.

A city of Charlotte claims adjuster also expects prospective clients to ask for references! He or she should readily provide solid references from past cases they’ve negotiated, including the amount they secured, type of loss, and other pertinent details.

When checking the references of a city of Charlotte claims adjuster, it’s vital you ask how past clients got in touch with that adjuster. Some unscrupulous adjusters will look for clients after natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods, promising to get more money from their insurance carrier. In many cases, their services were not necessarily needed and they might not have gotten any more money than a policyholder would have negotiated on their own!

Experienced, skilled city of Charlotte claims adjusters also typically have enough clients that they don’t need to “chase down” new business. As with contractors and repairpersons, a qualified adjuster shouldn’t be going after clients in times of disaster, so ensure you ask their past clients how they found that adjuster.

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Choose a Charlotte Public Adjuster You Feel Comfortable With!

Most policyholders hire a Charlotte public adjuster to negotiate with their insurer and try to get a larger settlement or payout than what was offered. However, another advantage of working with a public adjuster is that they know the “ins and outs” of insurance policies and can understand the fine print of your policy, as well as the details of a loss or claim.

In turn, a city of Charlotte claims adjuster should be able to explain your policy provisions in simple, easy-to-understand terms; while they’re not lawyers, they can also advise you on what to expect throughout the process and mistakes to avoid, such as admitting fault for an accident. He or she might also advise on what’s a fair or typical settlement for your type of claim, why you might not receive the settlement you expect, etc.

This information is vital for anyone but especially those who don’t truly understand their insurance policy or how to negotiate a claim, which is why it’s important you choose a city of Charlotte claims adjuster with whom you feel comfortable! If you meet a potential adjuster and they rush you through appointments or don’t answer questions in a clear and concise way, you might move on to another candidate.

Keep all these tips in mind when shopping for a Charlotte claims adjuster. Find one with proper licensing, lots of experience, and good references, and who makes you feel comfortable throughout the process. This will ensure you receive the maximum settlement or payout possible from your insurer.


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