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Charlotte's Top Adjuster for Storm & Wind Damage Damage

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North Carolina's #1 Adjuster for Storm Damage in Charlotte

Catastrophic situations often leave property owners in a terrible spot with their insurance companies. Every year, hurricane season rears its ugly head in North Carolina and leaves loads of property losses in its wake. That is why having an experienced adjuster for storm damage in charlotte is vital.

Did you know that getting a public insurance adjuster involved in a claim early on can determine the amount of settlement compensation that is received? Melo Public Adjusters are licensed to advise and represent their client's storm damage claims and get them a fair settlement. Have you experienced property loss due to storm and wind damage? Call us today without delay! We can help.

adjuster storm damage charlotte
adjuster storm damage charlotte

When is it Time to Call an Adjuster for Storm Damage?

It's always important to be prepared before disaster strikes. Melo Public Adjuster Charlotte offers pre-loss and disaster planning services, which create a safety net for their clients before tragedy strikes. However, if a client hasn't utilized this service and finds themselves in the after-effects of storm and wind damage, it is best to call a public adjuster ASAP. Signs that an insurance claims adjuster is warranted include:

  • Hurricane property damage
  • Water damage due to storm flooding
  • Any building, vehicle, or inventory damages incurred by a storm or gale-force winds 

If the effects of a tropical storm have ravaged your commercial or residential property, please call one of our adjusters for the advice that could mean the difference between a large or small settlement check.

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Adjusters for Storm Damages in Charlotte are Beneficial

Most policyholders do not realize that even though their policy covers storm damages, such as flooding, wind damage is not in the mix. This can leave the insured feeling like they are uninsured when property loss from wind occurs. This is just one of the many reasons why contacting an adjuster for storm damage in Charlotte is worthwhile. Public adjusters can also benefit the insured by:

  • Explaining what types of storm damage their policy actually covers
  • Preparing documents and communicating with the insurance company
  • Filing storm-related claims that will generate the most lucrative settlements

Are you currently trying to navigate the clauses of your insurance policy, and you feel like you're reading Greek? Melo Public Adjusters understand! Call the team today and get an explanation that makes sense.

adjuster storm damage charlotte
insurance claim charlotte

Contact an Adjuster for Storm Damage in Charlotte Today!

Melo Public Adjusters Charlotte cannot stress enough the importance of being prepared for storm and wind damage, especially in North Carolina. The biggest favor the insured can do for themselves is to utilize pre-loss and disaster planning services with a licensed independent insurance adjuster. Natural disasters happen all of the time, and it is best to be ready with all the documents in place. If a policyholder is dealing with realtime storm damages, they should pick up the phone and call our insurance claim adjusters right now for professional insurance policy advice.


Melo is Your BEST Choice for Public Adjuster in Charlotte

Melo Public Adjusters have been in business for a long time, and over the years, the team has witnessed many insurance companies trying to underpay their clients. This is right, and we've made it our personal goal to stop this from happening. When you hire Melo as your public adjuster in Charlotte, you are guaranteed:

  • A fair settlement
  • A clear explanation of your insurance policy
  • Complete transparency

The team at Melo is here to help 24/7. should tragedy strike and an adjuster for storm damage in Charlotte is needed, don't hesitate to reach out.

property damage appraisers charlotte


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