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Certified Public Adjusters for Water Damage in Charlotte

Unfortunately, water damage can happen at any time without much warning, if any at all. The public adjusters on our team want to make sure that their clients are prepared for a water and mold disaster by explaining all technicalities of the insurance policy and filing the appropriate claims. It's imperative that the proper terminology is used when calling in a claim to the insurance company, as this can significantly affect the approval or outcome of any settlement. 

Water damage is one of the most commonly reported property losses and occurs due to a number of possibilities like frozen pipe leaks, burst pipes, leaky roofs, floods, and more. These occurrences often lead to mold. To receive adequate loss compensation, it is wise to have an adjuster who specializes in water damage in Charlotte, NC. 

adjuster water damage charlotte
adjuster water damage charlotte

When to Call an Adjuster for Water Damage in Charlotte

Ideally, it is wise to have Melo Public Adjusters Charlotte secure pre-loss and planning documents before water and mold damage occur. This way, all the proper paperwork and documentation is ready to be submitted to the insurance company. However, services can be rendered when water damages have accumulated due to the following incidences:

  • Natural disaster flooding
  • Roof leaks
  • Appliance leaks
  • Burst pipes
  • Sewage backup (Black Water Loss)

Of course, this is just a shortlist of possible ways property can be affected by water damage. Should your residential or commercial property fall victim to water or mold loss, do not hesitate to call our independent insurance adjuster today.

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Benefits of Calling an Insurance Claims Adjuster

Because water and mold damage is the most common property claims that insurance companies see, they are always trying to insert clauses and loopholes into policies to save themselves from having to pay out a hefty settlement. If a client does not clearly understand their policy, they can get the run-around from their insurance company. Melo adjusters specialize in water damage in Charlotte and can:

  • Advise the insure don how to proceed based on their unique loss
  • Navigate complicated insurance policy jargon
  • Get the policyholder the compensation that they deserve

Melo Public Adjusters Charlotte works hard for their clients. They understand that dealing with water and mold-related property loss is devastating. Are you in the thick of a property loss disaster and need help? Call us!

adjuster water damage charlotte
property damage appraisers

Water & Mold Damage Claims are Time Sensitive

When it comes to water and mold property loss, there are often strict protocols that the insurance companies insist the insured follows in order to receive compensation. This can be anything from treating the mold with bleach to reaching out to a contractor who can asses the situation. It can be difficult to know what the insurance company wants, which is why calling upon the expertise of an adjuster for water damage in Charlotte is beneficial. If you've suffered any kind of water or mold property loss, be advised that the clock is ticking to file an insurance claim. Call Melo today for prompt help.


We're Experienced Adjusters for Water Damage in Charlotte 

There is so much that Melo Public Adjusters Charlotte can do for a client who is experiencing water and mold damage property loss. Our team of claims adjusters have been working in this area of insurance claims for a very long time and has the experience necessary to challenge every loophole the companies throw at them. With Melo you'll get:

  • Competent public adjusters
  • Fair compensation
  • 24/7 emergency service

The first step to understanding your insurance policy is to give the helpful public adjusters at Melo a call. The company proudly serves the areas of Charlotte, Huntersville, Concord, Gastonia, Monroe, and Mathews. Are you ready to get the help that you deserve?

insurance adjuster charlotte


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