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Experienced Adjuster for Smoke & Fire Damage Damage in Charlotte

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Adjusters for Fire Damage in Charlotte Fight for Your Rights

Fire and smoke damages are one of the most devastating losses a property owner can face. There are many decisions that need to be made in a short period of time, and this is often overwhelming. Hiring an adjuster for fire damage in Charlotte is always a good idea because a licensed public adjuster knows precisely how to work with restoration companies and insurance agencies.

Even though suffering through a fire-related loss is horrible, the good news is Melo Public Adjusters know how to navigate the complicated insurance claim process on behalf of their clients. Getting a policyholder a fair and prompt settlement is the company's top priority. Have you suffered a recent fire and smoke damage loss? If so, reach out to our office and speak with our friendly staff. We have the answers you seek.

adjuster fire damage charlotte
adjuster fire damage charlotte

Contact an Adjuster for Fire Damage in Charlotte NOW!

The Melo Public Adjusters Charlotte always advise their clients to opt for pre-loss and disaster planning services. In the event of a fire, documents can be lost in the blaze or damaged by smoke. This can make providing pertinent information to the insurance company very difficult. However, if a pre-loss plan has not been initiated, don't worry. Melo Public Adjusters still have your back. The time to reach out is when damages have incurred due to:

  • Fire
  • Smoke
  • Heat
  • Soot
  • Water used to put out the fire

If you've fallen victim to property loss because of a fire, we highly recommend getting in touch with an insurance claims adjuster who can help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact Melo today! We're here 24/7 to take your call.

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Public Adjusters Get You the Settlement You Deserve

Although it may seem strange, the insurance company is never on the side of the policyholder. They want to avoid making a payout at all costs. When an adjuster for fire damage in Charlotte is hired, they will do everything that they can to make sure the insured gets the appropriate settlement. Melo Public Adjusters benefit their clients by:

  • Deciphering hard-to-understand insurance policy jargon
  • Advising against policyholders signing disaster restoration forms (they do more harm than good)
  • Demanding compensation for all contents lost due to fire and smoke

If you find yourself in an unfortunate fire loss situation, please contact Melo Public Adjusters right now. Your settlement is just a phone call away.

adjuster fire damage charlotte
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Fire & Smoke Damage Claims are Time Sensitive

An insurance claims adjuster has a big job to do when it comes to fire losses. The sooner a policyholder contacts the public adjuster, the better. There are documents and proofs that the insurance company needs, and often they infringe time limits on these items. A licensed and experienced independent insurance adjuster knows precisely how to handle this complicated situation so that their client gets the most appropriate settlement amount. If you've suffered property loss due to fire and smoke damages, call the office of Melo public Adjusters Charolotte right away.


Melo Public Adjusters Care About Your Claim

The team at Melo Public Adjusters Charlotte understands the devastation that a fire can cause to a residential or commercial property owner. If a business burns down, so does an income. It is the goal of the public adjuster to get the insured the compensation that is due to them. Insurance companies shudder when they know that Melo Public Adjusters are on the scene because we're:

  • Licensed & experienced
  • Competent
  • Always fighting for what's right

Don't settle for what the insurance company offers without consulting one of our public adjusters in Charlotte, NC. We can and will get you a fair settlement, guaranteed.

property damage appraisers charlotte


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