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7 Tips & Questions to Ask a Public Adjuster in Charlotte, NC

February 26, 2021

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A public adjuster in Charlotte, NC, works for a claimant, meaning the person filing a claim with their insurance company. The public adjuster’s job is to get the highest payout possible from the insurance company after a loss or property damage.

While not every claim requires the services of a public adjuster in Charlotte, NC, hiring one can mean receiving more compensation than if you tried to negotiate with an insurer on your own! Before you decide on the services of a public adjuster, note 7 tips to remember and questions to ask, so you know you’ll be happy with their services and eventual payout.

1. When You Don’t Necessarily Need a Public Adjuster in Charlotte, NC

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Not every claim requires the services of a public adjuster in Charlotte, NC! A public adjuster usually gets paid between 5% and 20% of whatever payout they negotiate with your insurer and, in some cases, an insurance company might already be offering a fair settlement.

Consider an example, and remember that these are not literal numbers but simply an illustration of when you might not need a public adjuster. Suppose you’ve suffered a small stovetop fire at home, and you submit a $5000 claim for repairs and a new stove. Your insurance company counter offers with $3500.

You could hire a public adjuster who might negotiate with your insurer up to $4500, and then keep 10% or $450 as their fee. This leaves you with $4100, only $600 more than your insurer offered. That extra $600 might not be worth waiting for an adjuster to research and negotiate on your behalf.

2. When You Do Need a Public Adjuster in Charlotte, NC!

While not every insurance claim requires a public adjuster, their services are vital for negotiating with your insurer when necessary! Using that same example above, suppose your estimated repair and replacement costs are $10,000, but your insurance company is only offering a $5000 settlement, or is denying the claim altogether.

In a case like that, hiring an adjuster is an excellent investment! They can typically get a much higher payout and manage the hassle of negotiating with your insurer, leaving you free to recover after any loss or catastrophic event.

3. Ask What Claims a Public Adjuster in Charlotte, NC, Handles

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Some public adjusters specialize in certain claims, such as fire or flood damage, or personal injury, and their specialized training, experience, or knowledge is often vital. For instance, a personal injury claim might require an adjuster to understand the follow-up care needed after certain injuries, so he or she will include those costs in your request for compensation.

4. Ask What a Public Adjuster Charges

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The percent of a settlement paid to a public adjuster in Charlotte, NC, will vary from adjuster to adjuster, and according to your payout amount. Most adjusters charge a small percent, usually 5% to 10%, of payouts under $100,000, and a higher percent, often 15% to 20%, of payouts over $100,000.

Remember that you don’t want to base your hiring decision on price alone! Some adjusters charge more because they’re experienced and skilled at negotiating with insurance companies, so they’re likely to get a higher payout for you.

5. Be Cautious About Unrealistic Promises!

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Your public adjuster should work hard for you but be cautious about unrealistic promises! As an example, your adjuster will rarely, if ever, be able to get more money from an insurer than your policy limits. He or she should also never promise to get “instant” or overly quick payouts, as an insurance company is allowed time to review claims. Avoid any adjuster offering such unrealistic promises.

6. Ask If the Adjuster is Registered With Industry Organizations

Organizations such as The National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters and others offer codes of ethics for public adjusters, so ensure any adjuster you choose is registered with at least one professional organization. As with a business license, they should be happy to provide proof of such membership to anyone asking.

7. Ask About Their Background and Experience

interviewing a public adjuster charlotte

As with any professional, it’s good to ask a potential public adjuster about their background and experience. Note how long they’ve been an adjuster if they had experience as an insurance agent or insurance claims adjuster, and how many claims they’ve handled. This can tell you if they have the skills and experience needed to manage your claim successfully!

Melo Public Adjusters Charlotte is happy to provide this information to our readers and hope you found it helpful. If you need the services of a skilled, professional public adjuster in Charlotte, give us a call! We are the most experienced public adjusters in the city and work hard to secure the highest payouts to all our clients. To find out more or schedule your FREE consultation, give us a call today.


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