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5 Adventure Tips When White Water Rafting in Charlotte

November 24, 2020

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White water rafting in Charlotte is an excellent way to spend your next vacation! Charlotte, North Carolina, is home to some of the most exciting and scenic white water attractions in the country, with big rapids sure to give you a thrill as well as lots of sedate, scenic areas, perfect for beginners!

Before you plan your white water rafting in Charlotte adventure, check out these 5 simple but very vital tips, for both beginners and pros. These quick reminders will ensure you have the best adventure and make the most of your next trip to beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina.

1. Start early when white water rafting in Charlotte!

Rafting, kayaking, paddle boarding, canoeing, and old-fashioned boating are all so popular in the Charlotte area that you should plan to arrive at your rental location or launch site early! Remember that an equipment rental store needs to take time with each customer, ensuring they have proper safety gear and know their destination as well as answering all their questions, before letting them get into the water.

If you have your own equipment, keep in mind that many launch locations book up fast, especially on the weekend. Get there early so you can find a convenient parking spot and get your raft into the river without having to fight the crowds.

2. Take advantage of the orientation

Many whitewater rafting rental locations offer orientation for their customers, and it can be advantageous to listen even if you’re an experience rafter. An orientation will usually point out more active, faster rapids as well as slow, calmer spots, so you know where to go and what to avoid according to your skill levels and need for adventure. An orientation might also note aid stations along a certain river or offer helpful reminders of what to do in an emergency, for maximum safety.

3. Call ahead if you need a spot to store gear

Some rental locations for whitewater rafting in Charlotte offer spots for storing your gear, usually for an added fee. These spots might be a full locker such as you find in a gym; for others, it might be a half locker, locked bin or small cage, or another such spot. If you will need to store anything during your rafting adventure, don’t assume your rental location will offer this option but call ahead and confirm availability, size, and price.

4. Ask about age limits for whitewater rafting and other adventures

Of course you want your kids to enjoy a day on the river as much as everyone else in the family, but many rental locations and even state-run parks have age limits for certain areas, to ensure a child’s safety. If you’re traveling with younger kids or want to bring children with you when rafting, call ahead and ask about any age restrictions first.

5. Weather and seasons affect the rapids!

Water evaporates more during hot, dry summertime weather, so rapids are often slower with more shallow drops than in spring and fall months. If you’re a beginner or are looking for a leisurely trip down the river rather than something exciting and fast-paced, plan your whitewater rafting in Charlotte during July or August, when water is slow and not as deep!

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