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4 Reasons to Call a Charlotte Adjuster for Your Insurance Claim

August 23, 2020

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A Charlotte adjuster or public adjuster is an excellent ally for when you need to file a significant insurance claim, or if you think an insurer is “low balling” a payout offer. Loss adjusters negotiate with insurance companies on behalf of policyholders or claimants, to secure the highest payout possible.

Not all insurance claims indicate the need for a Charlotte adjuster, however. For example, if your car has been totaled and you think the insurance company is offering a fair payout for your loss, you’re certainly free to accept their offer! To ensure you know when you want to rely on a public adjuster in Charlotte, however, note a few times when it’s beneficial to rely on their services.

Call a Charlotte Adjuster for a Detailed Claim

A home or business fire or flood often means lots of lost or damaged items, which can be difficult to remember and then list in your claim. In turn, you might not receive compensation for all those losses! A Charlotte adjuster can help you walk through your property or any inventory of your items and ensure they’re all listed and nothing is overlooked.

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It’s also helpful to call a Charlotte adjuster for a claim that requires, not a detailed inventory of property losses, but a detailed list of medical issues arising from an accident or injury. You might not know what’s covered and not covered in a policy and might also overlook things like long-term physical therapy and medications.

Whatever the claim type, if it’s a bit detailed and complicated, contact a public adjuster in Charlotte. He or she can go through your claim, the policy, and all other details, ensuring nothing is overlooked and everything is included, increasing the potential payout you might receive.

Relieve Stress and Tension With a Charlotte Adjuster

Any property loss is stressful and can mean lots of added tension as you shop around for auto mechanics and body shops, water damage cleanup companies, and so on. If you’re noticing that the stress is taking its toll, and especially if you feel even more stress and tension when it’s time to deal with the insurance company, call a Charlotte adjuster!

The services of a loss adjuster in Charlotte are especially helpful if your family is feeling anxiety after a house fire or flood. Parents need to ensure their children are safe and secure and back to a routine as quickly as possible after such a disaster.

Family or not, you might also be allowed only so much time off your job after a loss, so that you have little time and energy to deal with an insurance company. In personal injury cases, you also need to concentrate on resting and healing, and might be in pain and already stressed from dealing with doctors and healthcare providers! Having to navigate a complicated insurance claim only adds to that stress and discomfort.

Hiring a public adjuster in Charlotte helps alleviate that stress and your anxiety, as you can rest assured that they will communicate and negotiate with the insurer for you. This allows you to concentrate on getting your home and family back in order, replacing damaged property, resting after an injury, and otherwise moving forward after an incident with as little stress as possible!

Rely on a Charlotte Adjuster to Explain a Policy and Claim

There is no shame in admitting that you simply don’t understand an insurance policy and all its coverage, or reasons why an insurance company is asking for certain information and paperwork after an injury or property loss. Insurance policies, especially commercial liability insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and other such policies are often very detailed, complicated, and technical, and difficult for many persons to understand!

public adjuster Charlotte nc

If you’re struggling to comprehend the details of any insurance policy or communicate effectively with an agent or other insurance rep, call a Charlotte adjuster. He or she can review the policy and any correspondence received from the insurer and explain things in simple terms. This can help you better understand the negotiation process and ensure you’re doing everything possible to receive a maximum payout.

Call a Charlotte Adjuster If Your Claim Is Outright Denied!

When you make a claim to an insurance company, note that a payout or settlement is dictated by that policy’s terms. Many insurance policies have riders, exceptions, and other such details that might allow an insurer to deny your claim. For instance, if your home’s roof was severely neglected, your insurer might reject your claim for storm damage even if shingles blew off during a storm, as they might have a basis for saying that a roof in good repair would have withstood those high winds.

However, if you sincerely think that your claim is covered under a certain policy but it’s still being outright denied, call a Charlotte insurance adjuster! He or she can review the policy and compare your claim of damage or loss, and note if there is a legitimate basis for your claim to be denied.

How Much Should a Charlotte Adjuster Cost?

When it comes to consulting with a Charlotte insurance adjuster, some people hesitate simply because they assume their fees and charges will be out of reach financially. However, note that most if not all Charlotte adjusters charge their clients a certain percentage of any settlement or payout they secure for them. That percentage might adjust according to the payout thresholds; for example, they might charge 5% of any settlement below $100,000 and 10% for any settlement or payout above that amount.

No matter the percentage, rarely will a claimant need to pay a flat fee, consultation charge, or other such charge to a Charlotte insurance adjuster. Their fees ensure they are working as hard as possible for their clients will also eliminating the need to pay them up front, or pay them if they can’t secure a payout at all. Whatever the case, your Charlotte adjuster should ensure you know their fees before they begin work for you so can decide if you would benefit from their services.



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