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Melo Public Adjusters Charlotte is a firm that takes property damage claims very seriously. We believe that the insured should be treated and compensated fairly. After all, that's why you're paying the insurance company. Our team never wants your hard-earned dollars paid to these corporate giants in vain. We'll gladly walk you through the flood claim process, hail storm damage insurance claims, and much more.

Maybe you're unsure about how the water damage insurance claim process works? No worries! Your public adjuster in North Carolina will help you navigate the complicated terminology of your insurance policy. We proudly serve the local areas of Charlotte, Huntersville, Concord, Gastonia, Monroe, and Mathews. Are you interested in public claims adjuster services? Great! Call our office today.

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Service Areas For Our Public Adjusters in North Carolina 

City of Charlotte Claims Adjuster

Melo Public Adjusters enjoy providing Charlotte, NC, with top-rated insurance policy clarification, claims processing, and mediation services. If you've suffered a property loss from flood, fire, wind, or storm, we ask you to contact our office so you can get the counsel you need. Home insurance claims for water damage is a common claim in the Charlotte area, and our team is more than happen to help you get a fair settlement should this disaster apply to you. We are available 24-hours a day to take your call.

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Charlotte Insurance Adjuster
Huntersville Insurance Adjuster

Public Adjuster in Huntersville, North Carolina

Are you trying to process a roof storm damage insurance claim in Huntersville, North Carolina? Perhaps, you have an average flood insurance claim, but you're having a difficult time understanding what your policy covers. If either of these scenarios applies to you, please know that our team of public adjusters is here to help you navigate through this complicated process. With many years of experience behind us, you can trust in our ability to work out a suitable agreement with your insurance company. Call us today!

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Property Damage Appraisers in Concord, NC

Insurance claims for water damage are often hard to process because of all the documentation and evidence reporting that the insurance companies require. Unfortunately, water damage is one of the most common claims that are filed in Concord due to tropical storms and hurricane season. Melo Public Adjusters would like to help you get your claim submitted and processed so that you receive a sizable settlement check. It's important to us that you are compensated in a timely manner so you can begin repairing your property. Reach out to our independent insurance adjuster 24/7.

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Concord Insurance Adjuster
Gastonia Insurance Adjuster

Gastonia - Licensed Public Adjuster in North Carolina

Are you wondering how to file a flood insurance claim? If you live in or around Gastonia, NC, our public adjusters can show you how. In fact, the team at Melo will do it for you! Dealing with property damage claims can be overwhelming, especially when your loss is significant. Melo Public Adjusters also specializes in pre-loss and disaster planning so that you're ready for the unexpected. Does this sound like something you'd be interested in? Great! Call us today.


Independent Adjuster Firm in Monroe, North Carolina

Melo Public Adjusters are experts at filing storm damage claims. Should you suffer a property loss due to wind, flooding, or even fire, our team is the firm you want to call. We specialize in breaking down insurance policy terminology so that the insured can understand what is covered and what isn't. Another service that we offer is appraisal and mediation. Which one of them is right for you? Give us a call if you're in the Monroe area, and we'll go over your options.

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Monroe Insurance Adjuster
Mathews Insurance Adjuster

Insurance Claims adjuster Mathews, NC

If you live in Mathews and require a public adjuster in North Carolina, Melo is your #1 choice! We specialize in a variety of claim types that range from fire and smoke damages to roof and hail property loss. Understanding the clauses and terminology sprinkled throughout your insurance policy is half the battle to making sure the insurance company is treating you fairly. The public adjusters of Melo Public Adjusters Charlotte will make sure you understand everything clearly. We'll also get you the fair settlement that you deserve. Get in touch with us by phone or email today.


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